Deploying Symfony 4 Application in Plesk Step by Step1 min read

Using Plesk and you’re having trouble deploying your Symfony 4 application? We’re going to be setting up a Symfony 4 Application using Plesk step by step.


  • PHP 7.1.3 or higher
  • Plesk Onyx 17 Server
  • A Symfony 4 Application

Step 1: Setting up your Subdomain:

For simplicity I’m going to be using a subdomain but feel free to use your main domain if you have access to change the Document root.

So, let’s create the subdomain “symfony” in my domain, click the “Domain” link on the left side:

Then click the button “Add Subdomain

Make sure your “Document root” includes the “/public” folder of your Symfony application.

So your folder structure is going to look something like this:

Step 2: Add .htaccess file

The last step would be including the the following .htaccess  file to be able to use the routes without using index.php as prefix. The file should placed in the public directory:  /

Finally open the subdomain in your browser to and you should be good to go!!